Seeking Mentors for Boys to Men Group for 7th and 8th Grade Boys

MPCS fathers, grandfathers, and guardians needed to be mentors for the upcoming 7th and 8th grade Boys to Men group. Hours will count towards the 40-hour volunteer requirement at MPCS.

Boys to Men – USA (BTM) is a national 501c3 non-profit organization, with nineteen years of experience. We guide boys toward healthy maturity through a group mentoring program. BTM mentors are trained to listen without judgment, accept boys for who they are, model healthy emotions, and praise boys for honesty. Mentors don’t attempt to fix boys or rescue them from their problems. They guide boys to discover their own solutions. The Boys Group program is based on a proven model of group mentoring created by the Boys To Men Mentoring Network with locations in North America, Europe and Africa. Interested, please email Colin.