Do You Shop at King Soopers?

One of our best fundraisers is the King Soopers reloadable grocery cards. The school earns 5% of everything you spend at King Soopers, if you pay with this reloadable card. Right now we make about $350/month from this fundraiser, just from the 25 families who do it. So we’re working to expand the folks participating.

How does it work? Buy a $5 King Soopers reloadable grocery card from Sara in the Main Office. Before you check out, hand it to the cashier, and say, “I’d like to reload this gift card with $100.” You pay to reload, tthey start checking you out, and then you pay with the gift card. It’s easy and you don’t need to keep a bunch of extra money on the card. You can also pay for your gas with this card. If half our families did this, we’d raise $42K a year.

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