Buy Grocery Cards for Natural Grocers, Safeway, & King Soopers

Do you buy your groceries at Natural Grocers, Safeway, or King Soopers?

Did you know that the school will get 5% of what you spend on groceries at NO cost to you?

If only half of our families did this, we conservatively estimate that the school could earn $120,000 in passive income!

How Does it Work?

Purchase a grocery card for your favorite store in the MPCS Main Office:

  • Natural Grocers – Grocery cards can be purchased in $25, $50, and $100 increments in the Main Office. These cards are not reloadable. You must return to the Main Office to buy more.
  • King Soopers and Safeway – Buy a grocery card for $5, then you can simply load and reload it when you go through the checkout line.

Ruth Trode, our Parent Council Treasurer, did a fantastic job creating this fun and informative video that beautifully explains how easy it is to support MPCS simply by buying groceries. Imagine what we could do for our students with $120,000!