Volunteer Spotlight: Karrin Kalb

My name is Karrin Kalb and I have a second-grade daughter, with this being her fourth year at MPCS. I grew up in Tallahassee, Florida, spent five years in way-too-hot Arizona, and then chose Colorado where I have now lived more than half my life. I currently live in Arvada.

My interests and my career are in helping others and creating community. I get to do that as a massage therapist and within a super foods co-op that is evolving into a sustainability collective. Within the co-op, I brew probiotic Jun and teach brew lessons. I also love creating through crafting in various mediums and making lotions and potions.

How do you currently volunteer?

The main things I do to volunteer are chair massage for teachers and staff, getting supplies for the Breakfast Club, and I am also part of the Sustainability Committee.

Can you share a rewarding or memorable experience from your volunteer work?

The best parts of volunteering for me are meeting teachers and staff when I do chair massage since I would otherwise never get to meet them, and being part of a think tank with the amazing minds connected with the Sustainability Committee.

Volunteerism is important because…

Volunteerism is important because it connects you with those who are striving to create success for our children. When you are a part of the bigger picture, you are more connected and the success matters even more!

Interested in Getting Involved?

If you would like to provide healing (massage, energy work, etc.) to our staff and faculty, please email Sandra. To learn more about the Sustainability Committee, please email Sondra.