Volunteer Spotlight: Renee Lockhart

My name is Renee Lockhart. Born and raised a Hoosier, I spent a good chunk of time (11 years) in the Los Angeles area acting and working as a media buyer before meeting my husband, Craig.  We moved to Seattle where we had our two lovely daughters, finally settling in Colorado 3.5 years ago.  As a lover of discovery, I’m often found exploring a new interest.  I’m definitely a foodie, optimistic about finishing my ever-growing “to read” list, and trying out plant-forward recipes. What’s most important to me, however, is meaningful time spent with family and friends, including an absolute must in our house – DANCE BREAKS!!

We have two daughters currently enrolled at MPCS.  Our eldest is enjoying her last year in ECE with the Morning Glories classroom.  We are soaking this time up with her as our family prepares to have a child move on to the grades (Oh how the young years are fleeting!).  Our youngest is flourishing in her first year in the Buttercups classroom.  We couldn’t be more grateful for the kindness and nurturing nature these two classrooms hold for our children and our family as a whole.

How do you currently volunteer?

Currently, this is my second year volunteering as one of two room parents for the Morning Glories classroom, where we work closely with the teacher and families to help facilitate both class-specific and school-wide events. This year, I also serve as Room Rep Coordinator, a liaison between MPCS committees and classroom reps school-wide. We then work together to not only translate information well to all families, but also to connect relationships between classrooms.

Can you share a rewarding or memorable moment from your volunteer work?

I’ve experienced many rewarding moments during the two years I’ve volunteered. One in particular is when all of the families in not just my eldest daughter’s Morning Glories classroom, but also their teacher’s afternoon Moonflowers class, joined hearts and hands to offer their time and talents toward the winter market. As a whole, it’s an honor to serve in this capacity at MPCS. I’m so grateful for the opportunities I’ve had to create new friendships while learning/working alongside others. I’ve witnessed firsthand the heartbeat of the amazing staff and families that make up our school – inclusion, kindness, creativity and a fierce commitment to guide our children well, to name but a few.

Volunteerism is important because…

Volunteerism is important because it creates a space to let your inward values and gifts be expressed outwardly; to intertwine and grow with the sharing of others’ unique offerings which then gives your community the freedom and ability to flourish.