Volunteer Spotlight: Sarah Landreth

My name is Sarah Landreth and I’m a CO native who loves playing and working in our beautiful state. My current work is raising my kids, after years of being a public school elementary teacher. I also enjoy piano, yoga, and reading. My children are in 2nd grade (Dushman), Kindergarten (Windram), and Seedlings (Auntie Susan).

How do you currently volunteer?

I’m a governing council member-at-large and lead of SAC (School Accountability Committee).

What other committees or initiatives have you helped with in the past?

Previously, I was a regular classroom and festival volunteer, and I know how much goes into those areas.

Can you share a rewarding or memorable moment from your volunteer work?

Our most recent charter renewal document being submitted to Jeffco was such an exciting moment (kudos to the GC members and administrators who worked tirelessly on it).  I loved seeing the school’s rich history, current alignment and work, and strategic plans combined. This is a truly innovative school, and I love seeing all of the dedication that goes on behind the scenes.

Volunteerism is important because…

Using one’s talents to contribute to the greater good enriches our entire community, and is a key resource charter schools rely on!