13147730_996429203768469_3031380372333053909_oA charter school such as Mountain Phoenix cannot exist but for the commitment and efforts of its parents and guardians. We depend upon and welcome volunteerism of all kinds.

Whether it is skilled trade work or supervision on the playground, we gratefully request that each family find a way to serve the school, each according to individual strengths and interests.

There are endless ways to get your volunteer hours. Here is just a sampling of ways you can help our school thrive:

  • Support Your Child’s Classroom – Become a classroom representative, chaperone field trips, attend creak walks, help prepare materials at home, etc.
  • Volunteer at Community Events – Whether you want to chair an event or share an hour of your time, we need you!
  • Attend School Meetings (Governing Council, Parent Council, Foundation, and committees)
  • Support Committee Work – Database management, grant writing, fundraising,  community outreach, share your expertise, etc.
  • Volunteer in the Main/Middle School Offices.
  • Meet with Volunteer Coordinator.
  • Cook delicious treats for events.
  • Donate items to school/classrooms ($10 worth of donations = 1 hour of volunteer time).
  • Lead an after school enrichment activity.
  • Volunteer at a Stewardship Day on MPCS campus.
  • Help direct traffic in the mornings/afternoons.
  • Write for the newsletter and blog, photograph school events, contribute to social media, help design school communications, etc.
  • Beautify Our Campus – Pull weeds, garden, etc.

If you need help with anything related to volunteerism at Mountain Phoenix, please contact Shannon Fiedler at: