We need you! Please share your gifts and talents with one of our committees.

To find out more about what these committee are doing, please join the committee group in ParentSquare. This is where you can find information about what the groups are currently working on and how to get involved.


Foundation Committees

To sign up to help with any of these committees, you can send an email to or join the committee group on ParentSquare.

Fun Run

The Fun Run, usually held in the fall, is a fundraiser. In preparation, students ask their friends and family to sponsor them running laps in a nearby park. It is a very successful fundraiser.

Auction Committee

The MPCS Annual Auction is usually held in the spring. Our Auction Committee, in conjunction with all MPCS parents, solicits donations of services and goods from the MPCS community and from local businesses, then uses those donations to create the Auction Event. It is always a night to remember!


Family Council Committees

To sign up to help with any of these committees, you can send an email to or join the committee group on ParentSquare.

Harvest Festival

This fall festival is a celebration of autumn, and includes food, craft booths, and performances by our students.

Lantern Walk

The Lantern Walk is an event designed for the younger children to encourage them to connect with the spirit of the season. Lanterns are created in the classroom, and the walk is held after dark.

Winter Market

This fun event is a celebration of winter, and includes food, craft booths, and performances by our students.

Spiral of Light Walk

The Spiral of Light Walk is a wonderful opportunity for our children and parents to experience the spirit of the season. It is an evening of magic and wonder. This event is supported by the Parent Council.

May Faire

Held in the spring, May Faire is a seasonal celebration, with games, food, and other entertainment. A significant feature of May Faire is the Maypole Dancing.

Circle of Friends

The Circle of Friends is our campus “Welcome Wagon” for new MPCS families, and it sponsors community support for all MPCS families. If you know of someone in need of support, we would love to provide it.

Parent Enrichment

This committee explores and hosts speakers and events on many aspects of continuing parental education on Waldorf matters as well as other topics that might assist parents.


School-Wide Committees

To sign up to help or get any information on these committees, you can join the committee group in ParentSquare.

Art Committee

The Art Committee will find opportunities for students to display art around our school and in the community, support the art curriculum, and develop plans for an annual student art show.

Breakfast Club

The idea for the Morning Nourishment Program was conceived when several MPCS parents became aware that there are students arriving at school having had little or nothing to eat. It was decided that interested parents would donate the supplies necessary (parent council also now has a budget for this), as well as their time, to create an opportunity for those who so greatly need it to receive a warm, nourishing meal before class each day.

Campus Beautification

The campus beautification committee is committed to keeping our campus beautiful. Interested in gardening, painting, or doing other projects to keep our children’s “school home” in tiptop shape?

Gardening Committee

The Gardening Committee focuses on campus beautification with loving hands, working within our Master Plan for long-term student interactivity and general usability. If you enjoy growing things, this is the place for you! We have a campus greenhouse, and we have a plant sale fundraiser in the spring.

Nourishment Committee

We are committed to providing healthy, delicious food to our families at school events. Love to cook? Interested in contributing?

Sustainability Committee

We use sustainable practices to nurture, protect, and guide our resources into the future. The sustainability committee is focused on supporting our community in living these values. Interested in helping to start a composting program, helping us to reduce waste on campus, teaching our community how to live a more sustainable lifestyle at home, or have another idea?

Teacher Appreciation Committee

The Teacher Appreciation Committee coordinates opportunities to serve and appreciate our teachers and staff including Friday lunches, teacher appreciation week, holiday and year-end gifts.

Governing Council Committees

The Governing Council currently has four standing committees:

  • School Accountability
  • Master Planning
  • Finance

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