Woodworking Volunteers Needed

The Games department is looking for a few volunteers after the school year ends. We need someone to take a very long log (that we have) cut it into 3 inch rounds and then drill a hole through each. We will then put a thin rope through and these will be used for the lower grades as mini stilts. This can be done at your home anytime during the summer. 

We also need a volunteer (or two) to build shelves in the side closet of the Great Hall. During the week after school ends we will be pulling out all of the props, backdrops, etc. and we should be ready to start with the shelf building that Friday, June 9th. We are very flexible on the timing. We will be reorganizing all of the Great Hall closets during June, so please contact us if you available to help anytime. We would love to have extra helping hands to empty the closets and reorganize.

If you are available and willing please leave a message for Mattie Stemper and Lynn Pollitt at extension 325. Thank You.