Yoga & Mindfulness Class – Grades 2-5 & 6-8

Yoga and mindfulness encourage the development of self-awareness. By developing self-awareness, we can learn to directly aid in balancing the mind, body, spirit and emotional connection. Science is now proving that we can regulate our central nervous system through our breath!  The ancients knew this, but now science proves it! With these techniques, we have the opportunity to learn how to self-regulate a positive change in our mood and behavior.

Come explore how yoga can be fun, socially interactive, creative, and experience how it strengthens the mind, body and spirit.

  • Class will be limited to 12 students.
  • Class will be held from 3:40 – 4:40 on Tuesday’s with grades 2nd-5th and Thursday’s with grades 6th-8th.
  • Only 6$ a class! Please RSVP to the email below.  I’m excited to meet you all!

To register and ask questions, please email Logan at

~Shanti Om~


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